Class members feedback - What do they really think?

Isn't it interesting how different teachers can be ... even though they teach the same 'thing'!?  I love experiencing a variety of styles. But my main enjoyment comes when a class is free flowing - and moves link together almost like a dance. Not everyone will like my style of teaching..... but I do aim to please and am grateful for the feedback that suggests I'm getting it broadly right! 

Teaching for so many years has taught me lots about both myself and others.  It's been an incredible journey. Take a look at my latest BLOG too: Is 3 decades too long? 

Below are some quotes from genuine new and established class members. We'll continue to add to these with feedback from both men and women and all ages. Our lovely clients cover a real mixture of backgrounds, from medics, to office workers and busy retired grandparents. Our youngest customer is 18 and our oldest is 80. So you can imagine I have to be able to cope with all manner of health requirements. Pilates as we all know is excellent for strengthening your core and posture. It maintains movement, brings ease of movement and helps someone feel strong and more energetic. I really hope I am able to teach well into my older years.... so that I grow old gracefully with my clients!

Here are some client views that we hope you will enjoy reading. 

“I started Pilates in 2012 after back surgery for a slipped disc. My neuro-surgeon was pretty clear that although the operation was a success that was just the start and it was over to me to do physio to strengthen my back. A Spanish doctor I worked with recommended Pilates and that was how I found myself in Lindsey’s class in Clifford. I have to say it has been transformative - I went from having a weak back and pretty regular bouts of back pain to no pain or back issues at all for the last 3 or 4 years. It has had a spin off benefit on cycling, running and skiing too - all of which seem to have magically become easier and with less aches and pains afterwards. Having done a weekly class for more than 5 years I can safely say no two lessons have been the same and Lindsey has a brilliant ability to keep it varied, interesting and challenging. And for anyone who does a stressful job its great to have 90 minutes of relaxing ‘me time’ to focus on your inner self as well as your inner core. Strongly recommended!”


When I moved to Wetherby in May 2017 I had been doing Pilates for 8 years and I needed to find a new class/teacher. I asked around and a neighbour recommended Lindsey as a very good class (she herself has attended for years ), if I could find a space. I had a couple of trial runs before I began the class properly after the summer break in September and realised immediately how fortunate I was to have found such a good instructor.

Her classes are varied and testing she is always very welcoming and makes them interesting but maintains a professional approach. I mainly do Pilates to try and maintain a degree of suppleness and mobility to counteract stiffening joints and to retain some muscle strength if possible. I think I achieve these aims. It isn't exactly fun but it is enjoyable hard work!!!   

I also like the fact you can “catch up “ classes you have missed. Linton Village hall is warm clean and a pleasant environment and I enjoy the social aspect of attending a class especially as I am new to the area.