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'Moves' on the Move

Posted on 13/04/2018 by Lindsey Jackson

It's holiday season: How can I improve my chances of arriving feeling energised? Move of course!

Welcome to this audio!

Many of my class members have asked for something that they can follow... so I'm venturing into my first little project. If you come to my classes the instruction will totally make sense. if you don't know my teaching you may power a little at some of the analogies... but roll with it! 

My passion is moving. To keep us sane. To keep us free in our bodies. To release tension. To tone and support our skeleton. To feel happy. 

Given it's April and we're no doubt looking forward to exploring the country or other parts of the world... we are bound to be sitting too much! Travel gives us some real hammer. Whether by car, plane or train. We are flexed. We have less circulation. Our bodies stiffen. Not to mention holding suitcases and bags and tugging, shoving and pulling things along. And then there's the stress of arriving in time and waiting ages... oh, and a bit too much stodgy food, or alcohol, or treats. 

To give yourself a sporting chance of arriving feeling energised and positive, here are some simple moves you can incorporate into your travel. And yes, people might look at you and think 'odd'! but hey.... you'll be the one who feels GREAT, so who cares! And I've tried to pick out things that are more socially acceptable. You may start a conversation.... as they ask what it's all about. Just tel them you're a Pilates addict and been told to look after yourself. Or send them to one of my old DVD's... or even this link. The more the merrier. Let's get the whole plane up and moving. I've said it before.. instead of first class there should be an exercise and stretching lounge; on trains and planes! Are you listening Richard Branson? 

Click on this link I think you can then save the URL / link to your iPhone as a music/vocal track. Not sure if I've bottomed how to do this bit... but I will ....and will let you know. Now, off you jolly well go. 


Lindsey x





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