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Is 3 decades too long?

Posted on 20/02/2018 by Lindsey Jackson

From leotards to bum sculpting leggings. Celebrating 30 years.

At the age of 20 I found myself taking an exercise class, by accident. The teacher at Uni didn’t show up… so I said ‘surely we know enough moves to do a bit of this together?’ and promptly went to get my ghetto-blaster and bring it round to the hall for an impromptu lesson. There we were, grape vining, hamstring curling and knee lifting. She had been our inspiration. And we were committed.  

I went on to set up classes at the new social centre in the NHS where I did my management training. Teaching medics, nurses, porters and heath care assistants was a real hoot. To relieve the stress of implementing Maggie Thatcher’s polices I added qualifications to my fitness enthusiasm. Aerobics, body tone, circuits and step were all great fun to teach.  10 years later came Pilates with Michael King (dance teacher and hero in this new wave of exercise fads). My evangelical conversion to posture, strength and flexibility was born. It was now that I realised the huge health benefits of not just moving but of moving ‘well’. 

And I guess in my few years I’ve touched hundreds, if not thousands of people… with my 4 Pilates DVD’s and my lessons. 


A recent survey of class members has amazed me. Pilates is still making a difference all these years on. After 30 years of teaching movement and 20 years of teaching Pilates (with yoga qualifications thrown in) - I still love making a difference. Not often I allow myself to do this but IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!

Thursday night is full of medics and bright sparks. One chap, who has kept quiet pretty much throughout has revealed his views: 

“I have to say it has been transformative- I went from having a weak back and pretty regular bouts of back pain to no pain or back issues at all for the last 3 or 4 years. It has had a spin off benefit on cycling, running and skiing too - all of which seem to have magically become easier and with less aches and pains afterwards.”

After 20 years teaching I’m amazed that I’m not bored - and THEY’RE not bored. 

Some have been with me the full 20 years…..and far from bored are “amazed by the number of different positions and exercises Lindsey knows, and ways to adapt”.

My role is to hold the energy in the room. To observe and notice whether people need nurturing or supporting… and to build their self-belief; to notice when they need to raise their game and be pushed out of their comfort zone a bit. And to be non-judgmental in all that.

For 30 years I’ve parked my life at the door. It’s not about me… it’s about them. I aim to provide space for people to learn about themselves and explore their potential. Developing their ‘core’ in more ways than one.

One lady, who I’ve taught for almost 29 years in some way or another, has reassured me that I’ve achieved at least some of my goals! 

Lindsey is such a positive and enthusiastic person with a great outlook on life which comes across in her classes.”…..and from another…. “She has a great rapport with the group and I always leave with a smile on my face.”

Don’t get me wrong…  I’m far from perfect. My life is full of lessons and challenges too. But I don’t bring the drama with me. Just the learning. My late mum used to say (when my sister and I were squabbling) “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. 

30 years on and I’m humbled to discover that my customers “enjoy everything about it, I like the positive, non-aggressive, encouraging style of teaching, the attention Lindsey gives to each student at a level that is appropriate for them” it’s real “me time”. 

To my dear clients many of whom I consider to be friends… thank you for your loyal support and for taking time to be on this journey with me. I hope you continue to benefit, physically emotionally and spiritually. May we strive to be our best selves for many more years…. however long this journey lasts together. 



Lindsey x




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