Welcome to More Than Pilates


More Than Pilates was formed many years ago... and evolved out of our previous company Enhance Wellbeing Limited.  


The story begins with it's founder, Lindsey Jackson.... developing her fitness and teaching abilities alongside her NHS career. The first person to bring Pilates to the Wetherby area many moons ago, she has taught for over 25 years. Her original training was with The Pilates Institute and she has since also qualified in Sun Power Yoga (a flowing form of Ashtanga). She offers a smooth, fluid, creative style of teaching that makes each class different. Her NLP (neuro linguistic programming), facilitation skills and knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating... mean she adds a bit 'More than Pilates'. Tuning in to your individual needs, she aims to put you at ease, bring the best out whilst exploring the boundaries of what you thought was possible. The aim is to enhance your wellbeing - creating a positive environment to grow - and challenge yourself to have the best possible lifestyle. To hear more from her register for our newsletter.  


About the team


Lindsey believes each of us has unique attributes to contribute to the world around us. To develop her own self belief, she has over the years walked over hot coals, climbed and jumped off a 53 foot pole and bent a metal pole on her throat. All very crazy maybe... but her philosophy is to maintain the courage to step out of her comfort zone. She hopes to inspire and help others develop some inner confidence so she, and you, can make a difference in the world. Her 4 Pilates DVD’s have helped many thousands of people over the years and 2 of them have physiotherapy approval.

Lindsey is a mum of 2 boys and along with her husband has built a substantial health and wellbeing business. She has built a vast team and supported them to success. Her belief and enthusiasm are contagious – living life with passion is the motivation – being grateful for what she's got keeps her grounded.


Nicky Holliday


Behind the scenes Nicky keeps the world moving along. She is the organisation and attention to detail person, helping class members get the most from their experience and ensuring a smooth entry into classes. Nicky joined the Enhance team in 2005. With 3 boys she too juggles work and family life alongside her voluntary work. She has developed her skills and now supports the marketing and business development side of the business. Another lady who cares deeply about others and gives her time willingly.


Mike Butterworth


An ex-physio and also NLP Master Practitioner, Mike brings calm to the journey. Pushing on with the development of the nutritional side of the business too, currently the F.I.T. Ambassador for the UK...  he is a key player in supporting the family and team.